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Diagnostic ENT

Kizlon ENT diagnostic Kit includes ophthalmoscope, otoscope, laryngoscope, tongue depressors and other minor interventional instruments specially designed for easy grip and robust use. Used to visually examine eyes, ears, nose and throat for prognosis.

Bulb One spare bulb
Bulb type Stainless bulb
Blades 3 Macintosh blades
Handle Standard Knurled
Blade Dimension Large : 160mm
Medium : 130mm
Small: 100mm
Type Two-channel for independent outputs
Test Signal Pure tone, Pulse tone, Warble tone, Narrowband noise
Output TDH 39 Air conduction headset(L/R), B71 Bone conduction headset(L/R), Free Sound field
Input Tone and Speech
Attenuation level -10 dB ~ 120 dB

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